The Best Night Places in Baghdad


The best night places in Baghdad can make you have a good time there. Night places are great if you would like to have a drink with friends. You can choose among those places we suggest down below. They are all very popular and the places are seen as the best. You can have a good time with your loved ones. Here is the list for you if you would like to enjoy a glass of wine with friends and enjoy the lovely music playing.

Moon Light Restaurant

Moon Light Restaurant has a lovely music and also very good drink you can drink. They can be alcoholic as well as non alcoholic. You can visit the restaurant with your friends often. They give their customers the best service possible so they have a high rate. People like to eat in that restaurant and  hear some good music. If you would like to visit the place, you totally should visit the place and make a reservation before you actually go there. You can have good time.It is located in a very center place meaning; you can benefit from the car lots created for you.

Al-Faisaliya Restaurant

Al-Faisaliya Restaurant is the right address if you would like to eat good food with some music. You can go there with your business partner, friends an deven family. You have to make sure you talk to them before you go there. Because the place can be very crowded. After you maket he reservation you can park your car in the lot. If you do not have a car you can benefit from the puclic transformation services. It is going to be very easy to Access to the site because it is located in a very center place.


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