Hospitals In Baghdad


Hospitals in Baghdad are beneficial for you because something bad can happen any time. That is why a city should be full of hospital just in case. Those hospitals in the city are giving their patients the best services. So they are very popular on the web. If you need to visit one of a hospital, you can choose one among them. You will see that, you made a good desicion.

Ibn Sina Hospital

Ibn Sina Hospital was built by Iraqi doctos. There are 4 different doctors: Modafar Al Shather, Kadim Shubar, Kasim Abdul Majeed and last but not least Clement. It was built in early 1900s. So it is an old hospital. But still you will see that there are good services you can benefit from. It is located in the address Baghdad 10011, Iraq. It is going to be open 24 hours, that is why it is good for emergecy cases. If you want to call the hospital and ask them your questions you can call them on the number: +964 775 842 6845.

Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital

Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital is one of the largest hospitals located Baghdad. It is located right next to a college. Since then, it is mostly used as a eteaching hospital. It was first built in the year of 1964. It is known as it is the largest hospital in the city. That is why it has a high bed capacity. You will see that you will find no trouble finding the bed. It is open for 24 hours just like any other hospital in the city. It is located in the address Jinub Street, Baghdad, Iraq. It has a central location which means you will be in no trouble finding the spot you would likke.


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