Rudaw has become grur for Kurdistan and the region.

Ako muhammed general manager of Rudaw Media Network talks about the story of establishing Rudaw and the stages of expanding its broadcasting and having a greater impact for Marketing Erbil and he thinks that Rudaw has been a pride for Kurdistan and the region.

ME: What was the aim of Rudaw production?

Ako Muhammed: Our job is to publish news, and brodcasing the evets, have discussions within different views at the same time,we have no intentions, all we mean is to deliver news to people, people to be aware of everything, people should make the right decisions themselves.

ME: Rudaw is always awake when people sleep at night?

Ako Muhammed: Talks about the continuous broadcasting events, the attack night to the US congress people were sleeping, Rudaw was awake, presented the news to people by the reporters who knew American affairs. We want to give opportunity to different ideas to discuss, to be a nation that can trust and debate in ourselves.

ME: Which political and media idea brought Rudaw to this stage?

Ako Muhammed: We started with this idea; why would the Kurd audience follow other television channels newspapers and radios for news? why don’t they read themselves, so this leads us to this idea that the Kurd listeners and viewers are no different from other nations. As news that has been tested in every way and prepared to a British person, It should be prepared in the same way for the audience and listeners of the Kurds, We should be respected in the same way. Before the establishment of Rudaw, I was worried about it, if something happens in Erbil, people will
look to Aljazira channel, read the newspapers of areas outside of this city. Kurdistan journalists became experts of South Sudan, not to talk about here.

Ako Muhammed: People working in kurdistan newspapers have information about south sudan palestine problems, in order not to tell our own problems, this made people be offended from the Kurd media. When February 1st incident happened, the news was not broadcast on TV until the evening, we saw the news at 8 o’clock in the evening, the Kurdish TV channels was from 6 to 12 o’clock, the news was not instantly available. We had one SNG when we started,we could go from Khanaqqen to Zakho easily because there were Peshmarga, with a few small devices, bought with a little money,our technical and financial capability was less than the other Tv channels,but we had
plan and knew where to broadcast, where should be the SNG tomorrow, where should events be, Kurd viewers should get the news from us there.

ME: We published Kurdish news all over the world?

Ako Muhammed: About the broadcasting Kurdish news all over the world states that; we have transferred the news of kurds, before start of Rudaw we have done 16 documantaries in the kurds of before soviet, We opened our offices in Amed and Ankara, and Istanbul which is the biggest Kurds living city in the world, you should transfer their news, As television, if you are expanding geographically, especially in the region you have kurds, you can have more viewers, this increases your influence. It is true that we do not have an office in the east, but as a television, we have no problem with them, also in west of Kurdistan, we have a large audience from there because we broadcast their news, we expanded the geography of that area.Rudaw became the representative of kurds in the United States
Rudaw opend it’s office for the first time in Washington we asked white house ministry of foreign affairs US secretery, for the first time Kurds own an office in the united states by Rudaw, Rudaw became the representative of kurds in the United States. World news agencies were getting their videos from Rudaw.

Ako Muhammed: States that; in 28 may 2013 we had started our broadcast, rudaw has been a year old, ISIS attach to Mosul has begun, we were able to broadcast people’s pain, also we could broadcast the Peshmargas and allies war against ISIS. in that time an organization of patriotic Europe in the name of (Enex) contacted us to be a member
in the organization, the only television was Rudaw in this organization whose news was broadcasted with its own logo. In 2015 we contacted with Associated Press AP and been a partner, we gave them videos pictures from
wars,like an example; the airport of Istanbul attack, coup of turkey, Britain strike. In Vietnam war CNN, in Kendaw Aljazira, in ISIS war there were Rudaw. German newspapers mentioned effective media channels in their reports in difficult wars, Rudaw was one of them against the ISIS war. Ako muhammed general manager of Rudaw Media
Network said that; in febreuary 2018 we have won prize of win Inframan, like the owner of the most effective social media of the middle east, among all big organizations of the area. Two reports published in the German newspaper at ISIS time mentioned that; In Vietnam war CNN was seen, in Kendaw Aljazira, in ISIS war Rudaw was seen, this is an honor for us, this is a proof of how heartfelt employees and assistants work.

ME: Why did Rudaw weekly newspaper stop?
Ako Muhammed: When we started in 2008,in 2010 we published Europian print with (Krmanji saru, Krmanj Xuaru), In Europe, people were not looking for newspapers due to the expansion of the internet, they were against us in the north and south to publish weekly newspaper, although in south Kurdistan was not so good,when we started networking our portal it was so fast to keep our news and events for one week and publish it in weekly newspaper, so
we gave importance to digital media, Ako Muhammed states that; Kurdistan is the place where smart phones used a lot, people can find everything they need through mobile or ipads.

ME: What are your ideas to improve Rudaw more? 

Ako Muhammed: There are daily media improvements, and no stop for media foundation, if you stop you go back, we are a few people gathering and making decisions for a new season, we constantly think about what people want and need, but broadcasting news is a constant need, especially in our country. You should present the news in a way that you work, otherwise Kurdish audience, listeners, readers will think you are adding something except information behind the news, which causes in security.

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