U.S. to spend $ 300 million to support Iraq

Since 2017, the United States has allocated $300 million to support Iraqi national and religious minority. The General Consulate of the United States of America in Erbil has received the information that USAID agency has given us: “As part of the ongoing commitments of the Us Vice President Pence, US Secretary of State Michael Pumpio and the director of the Us Agency For the international development of Green, to support the minority of nations and religions in Iraq last year in the first inisterial meeting for the development of religious freedom that the United States is proud of it announcing a $178 million allocation In aid from the US State Department to support the weak community in Iraq, all the United States’ assistance to the population reaches nearly $300 million in fiscal 2017, each carried out by the Us State Department and the Us Agency for International Development.

Protecting Iraq’s rich and different history:
It is a very important issue for reconnecting the oppressed minority nations and religions in a stable Iraq, and the efforts of the United States to achieve this goal through government agencies and implementing in a quick way in coordination with partnership and trust with local religious leaders and community leaders.

The attempts include:
Repairing after the genocide and responding to  Oppression (GRPR). More than $133 million has been allocated to an activity that was lately started to support four principles of the US Agency’s GRPR program for international development.

GRPR financial support increased to $239 million. Fast supplies insurance More than $5 million has been allocated for humanitarian aid to save the lives of residents of the Nineveh and western Nineveh plains, for drinking water, food, furniture, homes, health care, psychological support and public support. Supporting for restoring the country:”
$9 million has been allocated by the United States to support financial support and the needs for pre – repair, return and access to health and education services.

Economic reform development:
financial support for $68 million by the United Nations to improve access to work and markets, co – operating local companies and improving the domestic economy.

Prevent future scandal:
$5 million has been allocated by the United States to resolve the issues that will be impacted on minority nations with preventing future scandals. Picking up explosive remnants of war: About $37 million was allocated by the United Nations to carry out in order to pick up explosive remnants of war (ERW). The clearing and awareness of risk in the minority nation’s community, it has also increased financial support from the United States as increasing
the team of picking up mine and explosions. The relevant minister in the United States has promised to expand his efforts to pick up the mine and explosive remnants of war in the minority nation’s community which was started for
Religious freedom development in 2018.

Collection of socio – economic and political:
$8.5 million was allocated by the United States to psychological services projects and legal support and help to deform evidence of violations of human rights, increase representation of minority of nations in the local government, and Regions, increasing children’s access to rights, developing rule of law, providing life-related opportunities and reaching economic opportunities for the poor classes will reach $18.5 million in fiscal year 2017.

Protecting historical monuments:
$2 million has been allocated by the United States in a continuous support program for the protection of historical monuments in the North Iraq, which has been targeted and destroyed by ISIS and other terrorist groups. Protection and revisiting these historical monuments is important for the minority of nations.

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