The earth globe is cleaned during corona period

180 countries of the world exposed to corona virus,more than one million people died from this virus, Environment experts and theressponsibles of NASA agency states that;corona was not only a bad pandemic,companies factories car mobility stopped and decreased,so this had an advantage on earth globe.

For the first time NASA agency scientists and Europe agency scientists says that, ozone depletion in the northern hemisphere has healed while the hole of ozone layer size was 1 million kilometer square due to the impacts of worldwide coronavirus lockdowns, the scientists thinks that the reason of the hole in ozone layer is due to the air and environmental pollutions by increasing the Co2 and the temperature in the earth globe.

Scientists also thinks that the ratio of CO2 gas is decreased by %50,it’s for the first time after II. World War CO2 gas decreased by this ratio,due to corona. The scientists warn the governments of the countries again for the next time for environmental pollution ,the fear on the environment and the humans by increased CO2 gas and increased temperature on the earth globe.

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